gulf cash

GULF cash

A secure, fast and user-friendly electronic payment gateway depending on GULF, as the core and most important project behind GULFCOIN, aimed to be used for commercial websites, trading websites and more. Designed to solve your major problems when it comes to using the traditional financial systems.
Moreover, thousands of e-commerce stores all over the globe will help spread GULFCOIN in a fast and very developed way.

gulf exchange

GULF Exchange Platform

An exchange platform as a digital marketplace for GULFCOIN additional to a wide selection of other cryptocurrencies to be selected as we carry on with this project, holders can trade GULFCOIN on this platform, as well as buy, sell, and trade their other cryptocurrencies.
We are taking into consideration all the difficulties that face traders while using the existing exchange platforms, in order to present to our community, the simplest way to trade and make a profit.

blockchain project

GULF Blockchain

It is a decentralized ledger of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network, allowing the data held to be spread out among several network nodes at various locations, aiming to allow digital information to be recorded and distributed but not edited.
So that GULFCOIN will operate without the need of a central authority, it will eventually lead to reducing risk and eliminating many transaction fees

Gulf Gaming

GULF NFT Marketplace

To be up to date with the technological race GULF is creating its own NFTs art collections, which is going to be minted on GULF NFT official website and marketplace, where the GULFCOIN will be used to purchase the NFTs, allowing digital collectors to buy, sell and mint their tokens that represent NFT ownership. GULFCOIN is aiming to spread this revolution worldwide, especially in the Arabic region.
All you need is a user account in our marketplace, a crypto wallet with a certain crypto amount in it.

Gulf Gaming

GULF Gaming

When playing regular games all that you can get out of it is pure enjoyment, GULFCOIN is creating its own play-to-earn game, where players will be able to earn rewards as they play, the rewards will be given as GULFCOIN.
This will be realized after rising GULFCOIN price gradually, so our community game lovers will benefit tremendously from the rewards

Gulf Coin contract